I said NOW, cowgirl.



Isn’t that why you’ve even heard of Marfa, after all? Get your gram of the Prada storefront and goggle at the Judd concrete that started it all, but don’t stop there. The Indie/Jacobs Gallery, exhibitions2d and Ballroom Marfa are just a few of Marfa’s incredible art spaces, each with its own take on the town’s unique location.



Food Shark.

Where else but Marfa can you find a Mexican-Mediterranean food truck with its own art director? Serving up “marfalafel”, grilled cheese, and TexMex specialties, there’s a reason that everyone from Serious Eats to the New York Times hits up Food Shark when they’re in town. Rib Eye tacos, here we come.



Marfa Myths Festival.

Think of Marfa Myths as your Coachella antidote. A tiny, curated festival with art, music and film, Marfa Myths is your chance to see bands like Weyes Blood and Allah-Las in one of the crazier and more intimate settings out there. Get your tickets for the April 12-15 dates here.



Marfa Museum Thrift Store.

And Freda, and Cobra Rock Boots. Sure you can buy desert boots in New York… but where’s the fun in that?




We all need a city break sometimes, and let’s be clear — the Chihuahuan Desert is epic. Huge mountain ranges, crazy cacti, and extraordinarily beautiful rock formations aren’t something you’ll easily forget.



Marfa Book Company.

Be sure to save room in your suitcase for all the books you will *need* to bring home. This minimalist bookstore-cum-art space has an enviably curated collection of art books and literature. Besides, where else can you find an I ◼ Donald Judd bumper sticker?



The Chinati Foundation

I know we’ve already covered the “art” reason, but The Chinati Foundation deserves its own number. In addition to works by (obviously) Donald Judd, the Foundation boasts pieces by artists like Claes Oldenburg, Roni Horn and John Wesley in its huge, farm-style building. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a myriad of events and programs (think sunset Judd tours and visits from the LA Dance Project) that make Marfa worthy of its status as an art-tour destination.