Art Basel has finally come to an end and we’ve compiled our observations from the week long festivities. You probably saw at least one of each of these art world personas because we know we saw dozens. We’ll break it down:

  1. The Tribeca mom

    A tried and true art lover who manages to make a Baby Bjorn chic while successfully dodging million dollar sculptures. We tip our hats to you, art mommy. You are true #goals.

    art parents


  3. The VIP on the DL

    The uber wealthy monsignor who flew in to see one painting at “Larry’s”. He is most likely wearing an inconspicuous Northface fleece and New Balance sneakers while his art advisor rocks a Kelly.


  4. The student group

    They come in hordes to get inspiration and the perfect Insta. They lean in way too close to the omnipresent Anish Kapoor dish at every art fair. Thank you, student group, for letting us all know that you too “could have done that.”

  5. The dynamic duo

    They’ve collected art since Jackson Pollock showed at Peggy’s apartment. They partied with Andy and Samo at Studio 54. They seem to stop at every single booth to catch up with old friends. You will never be half as cool as them.

    cool old couple

  6. The lost soul

    Walking by themselves, holding onto their phones for dear life, this guy is on a mission.  He’s more interested in the exit signs than the art and he’s asked at least 3 security guards how to get to booth H13. Bro, get a map.