Roll out the red carpet: the 2018 Met Gala is nearly upon us! There are only a few days left before the who’s who of the fashion world sashays up the Met’s staircase in outfits we’ll be talking about for years (we’re looking at you, RiRi). We love the thrill of the event, from gushing over statement pieces to considering those dream jobs in the fashion industry. If you’re like us and one day a year isn’t enough, here are 5 of our favorite IG accounts that pair fashion and art, categorized by your potential second calling, to get you through the other 364:

The Fashion Historian – @costumeinstitutelibrary

Since the Met Gala is formally known as the Costume Institute Gala, it makes sense to start here. Though we’re also fans of the Costume Institute’s primary Instagram account, there’s something special about its library feed. Librarian Julie Lê takes photographs of the reference collection in a way that seems both minimalist and luxurious. From sky-high Swarovski encrusted heels to Pain Couture (i.e. dresses made of bread—yes, bread), this account knows how to keep things interesting!

The Designer / Model – @artfullyawear

Who needs to choose? Ariel Adkins designs AND models her clothes!  What she describes as “clothing inspired by art” is in itself art. There’s no other way to describe the hand-painted ensembles that fill her feed. Whether she’s feeling wavy in LeWitt or matching Monet, we’re constantly in awe of her creativity. And we’ll be first in line if she starts her own label!

The Illustrator – @cecilia_carlstedt

Cecilia Carlstedt’s grid is as eye-catching as her client list, which seems to include everyone from Paul Smith to Posh Spice! Her illustrations recall magazine spreads, replacing photography with a mix of traditional drawing materials and less traditional methods, like collage and screen printing. Vogue has described her work as having “a Mark Rothko feel” (perhaps a little Matisse too?), a fitting description for pieces that bridge the space between high fashion and fine art.

The Photographer – @stefandraschan

Stefan Draschan’s account is similar to Adkins’ in that it involves people matching art. Here, though, most of the museum-goers look away from the camera. They’re fully focused on the art and, perhaps, unaware that their clothes match the object of their attention. Draschan’s work becomes all the more impressive when you realize how many visitors had to pass by him before he found the perfect subject. These images are sprinkled throughout his feed, posted alongside other photo projects, but they’re certainly worth the wait, and the “follow”!

The Fashion Police Host – @fashofthetitans

This account tackles an age-old question: who wore it better? Fash of the Titans, run by Gillian Daniel, pits runway models against works of art based on patterns, colors, and textures in a way that sparks our inner Joan Rivers. Don’t worry, though – hurt feelings aren’t as much of a risk here as they are on E! since most contestants are abstract and/or inanimate. If you love a good showdown, or, as Daniel puts it, “shoe-down,” this one’s for you!