An art gallery intern can be a godsend – if you find the right match. Galleries benefit from the multi-tasking, priority-balancing genius that interns can provides across gallery needs and projects.

“But how do I find said amazing interns?” Glad you asked. You can take it from us – every year, we find the smartest and hardest working interns in NYC. Since you can’t have ours (hands off), here are some tips and tricks you need to find and hire the intern of your dreams.


Three words: NYFA. dot. org. Well, technically it’s a website – Known for their listings of art jobs across NYC, this is the perfect place to post your gallery’s intern listing. Students and young professionals regularly check the site for tantalizing posts. Don’t live in NYC? Do some research to find your city or state’s local arts-centric jobs posting site.


Reach out to nearby colleges and universities to see if you can post on their Career Center’s job boards. Here at ArtBinder, we reach out regularly to NYU, Columbia, Barnard, and SVA to post on their career sites. Think of the schools that will have the talent you need, and don’t be afraid to give them a ring.

The Interview

We know that by the time you’ve vetted the candidate and they’re arrived for the interview, you’re already swamped with a million other pressing tasks. However, don’t let the pressure get to you and have an abbreviated chat. Plan ahead – write down some key questions that will expose the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, how they they can ease the day-to-day operations of the gallery.

Details, details, details

Sweat the small stuff. The candidate doesn’t send a thank you email? Out. They describe your gallery as modern or contemporary when you’re exhibiting Brueghels? Out. Your gallery deserves the best on all fronts, and these little mistakes foretell bigger ones down the road.


Best of luck in your search, and feel free to give us a ring when they want an ArtBinder tutorial!


Header image: a rare photograph of last semester’s ArtBinder interns. Miss you already, Lucy and Walker!