ArtBinder features

To make sure you are getting the most of all your ArtBinder features, we’ve put together some pro-tips to make sure your gallery is one step ahead and prepared for any art fair, walk in, or quick check-in (or check out) for your devoted clients.

ArtBinder Features


If you haven’t already heard, ArtBinder Checkout is a full blown game changer in the #artworld. By partnering with the payment app Stripe, you can now accept payments in your uber, jetsetting to and from glamour galleries and fairs, or better yet, lock down a payment at your booth with the help of your BFF: wifi.


Here are some of the advantages of making Checkout as frequent as your 3 PM coffee run, and as easy as, well, ArtBinder.

  • With “Direct Checkout” you can charge for just about anything your gallery has in stock like books, catalogues, and of course, works.
  • Not in the same country as your client? No need – you can accept international payments. Yes, ArtBinder does and can go anywhere.



Packets, not PDFs. Yes, that’s right, we have paved the paperless trail for client communication and collaboration. Straight from your iPad you can create a “Packet” which is a private viewing page to send your client secure files.  


Instead of a gazillion and one attachments including images of an art piece, press, and pricing information, the recipient opens their Packet invitation email. They click the link, and voilà – all of the information is there waiting for them to browse through the work information, images, and PDFs.


If the matter is time sensitive, or you are feeling super secretive, senders can choose to place an expiration date or number of clicks, guaranteeing your information is secure.  



On top of the fabulous features of Checkout and Packets, with just a few clicks an invoice is ready to send out to your client. Yes, it is just that easy!

The invoices include all of your information uploaded to ArtBinder, you have the ability to add payment notes and the invoice is formatted with your gallery logo. How cool is that?!  

A couple of tips to make the invoicing process as seamless as possible:

  • By using “Invoice” you can pay for a piece directly through ArtBinder, with Stripe.
  • “Pay by Email” creates a link to pay directly from the sent invoice, allowing clients to pay at a later date.

As long as Checkout is up and running, you can pay straight from the invoice!

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Header image courtesy of Forbes