Don’t let the rain stop you from gallery hopping this week! Here is a list of openings you definitely don’t want to miss.


1. Peter Sacks, “New Works”

Opening April 5 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

On View Wed Apr 05 – Sat May 06

Marlborough New York | 40 West 57th Street

Collaging his South African roots with his American sensibilities, Peter Sacks creates powerfully intimate and tactile paintings. Ranging from textiles to texts, his materials construct a site of Sacks’s personal history as well as collective sentimentality where ”the parade of life goes on.” Burnt linen, quilts, denim and fishing nets from Africa, India and Europe are regulars while harder surfaces like wood and metal offer peculiar harmony. Oh, and did I mention that he doubles as a critically acclaimed writer and Harvard literature professor? The interplay between pen and brush is subtle yet indispensable as he gains inspiration from literary masters like Virginia Woolf, Dante and Nelson Mandela, rendering the show strikingly poetic.


2. Chris Johanson, “Possibilities”

Opening April 6 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

On View Thu Apr 06 – Sat May 13

Mitchell-Innes & Nash | 534 West 26th Street

Chris Johanson’s painting is like your blunt best friend and super perceptive therapist in one. There’s a lot of candid confrontation and emotional introspection, but it’s all done with quirky humor and strong empathy. Think phrases like “Special new information: There is a lot of shit in the world and it likes to stay in your mind,” which simultaneously provokes the viewer and probes very legitimate human concerns. Often incorporating cartoonesque speech bubbles or caricaturesque figures, Johanson is not interested in presenting the conventional “high art” paintings. Instead, his works tell both visual and textual narratives designed to stimulate even those who with no formal experience in art–much like him. So bring your non-art friend, get a good laugh and have insightful conversations on the questions Johanson throws at you.


3. William Cordova, “smoke signals: sculpting in time”

April 7th Opening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

On View Fri Apr 07 – Sat May 13

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. | 530 West 22nd Street
William Cordova’s installation piece “smoke signals: sculpting in time” is all about breaking the borders within cultural history–that is, both geographically and temporally. His structures draws inspiration from Aztec, Andean and Asian architecture while somehow connecting Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller transcendental philosophies all at once. And let’s not forget that his structures also often reference music by using vinyls as one of his primary materials. Cordova packs it all in in his structured and unassuming pieces.


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Header Image: Chris Johanson, 1991 to 2010–I was There, 2010. Courtesy of File Magazine.