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ColorSearch Is Here!

ColorSearch Is Here!


Yesterday, we announced the launch of our newest feature, ‘ColorSearch’, a tool that allows users to search for works of art by color. You can check out the tool for yourself on ArtBinder Viewer.

Art is visual. Search isn’t. This poses a challenge. As a collector, you’re much more likely to remember the way a work looked, rather than the artist’s name or the work’s title. This is where ColorSearch comes in, a visual search engine developed and designed specifically for the art community.

the sun-rbg

“I Control the Sun #11” by Lilly McElroy courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art.

Accessing the search through ArtBinder Viewer, a public platform for elite galleries to promote their content, users select one or several colors from a search panel of over 250 hues. In an instant, ColorSearch returns a ranked listing of every work on Viewer that matches the search selection. What sets ColorSearch apart is not just that it’s the first search tool to use a color spectrum, but also the content it has access to. ArtBinder Viewer contains thousands of works, many from galleries exclusive to ArtBinder Viewer. And now you can search through all of this using just color!

The technology behind ColorSearch is a two-step process. First, we process each image on Viewer pixel by pixel, generating a full color profile for each color on each image. Then, displaying these colors on the search page, we match images to the hues selected by the user. These images are scored and ranked to return the best match to the user. And all of this happens in under a second!

"Ivory Gate" by Yola Monakhov Stockton courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art

“Ivory Gate” by Yola Monakhov Stockton courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art

While ColorSearch currently lives within ArtBinder Viewer, you can expect to see the search tool integrated into ArtBinder’s expanding product suite in the coming months — including our cloud-based inventory management system (launching January 2016!), as well as our flagship sales and presentation application, ArtBinder Mobile.



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