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ArtBinder #artworld Weekly Reads: June 27, 2016

ArtBinder #artworld Weekly Reads: June 27, 2016

Image courtesy of the artist

Summer has officially begun, and ArtBinder’s #artworld Weekly Reads, rivaling the hot summer sun, is here to cast a light on the most important stories from the #artworld this week.

While you may have been busy getting over Basel jetlag, or Instagramming the gorgeous solstice Strawberry Moon, or even scoping out the best rooftops to hit (after completing the necessary gallery crawl, of course), here at ArtBinder we’ve been diligently filtering through the busy influx of news and events to provide you with the latest coverage on the #artworld. You’re welcome.

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Pretty much the entire ?  is still utterly flabbergasted by Britain’s decision to say “buh-bye” to the European Union.

Not even James Bond could prevent Brexit. Here’s what the vote means for artists, auction houses, and everyone else in the #artworld.


Walking on water is now possible thanks to conceptual artist Christo (the guy who covered Central Park in orange sheets a decade ago)

“The Floating Piers” runs until July 3rd. Consider a trip to Northern Italy for 4th of July Weekend and join the rest of 40,000 visitors planning a trek to Lake Iseo.

artbinder #artworld weekly reads

Image courtesy of floatingpiers Instagram


If Italy isn’t on your radar, then Ibiza should definitely be (and we don’t mean because of the beaches or the parties).

Jenny Holzer speaks (or engraves) the truth, as per usual, in her latest site-specific installation, “ARE YOU ALIVE?”


Looks like the #artworld’s got a case of the blues.

The brightest shade of blue is now in the hands of several artists.  Wondering what Yves Klein would have to say about this…

#artworld weekly reads

Image courtesy of artnet


Are you a fan of DADA? Surrealist photography? Writings by artists? All-around interesting brain food?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Man Ray’s newly released Writings on Art might be for you.

#artworld weekly reads

Photo by Carl Van Vechten, image courtesy of Wikimedia



Header Image courtesy of artnet, Photo credit: Jenny Holzer, Selection from Truisms: The most profound…, 2015 (detail) ©2015 Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY. Photo Joshua White/JW Pictures.


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