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7 Things Your Professor Didn’t Tell You About the Art World

7 Things Your Professor Didn’t Tell You About the Art World


So you were an art history student. You’re entering the art world but have only ever experienced ~art~ as defined by academia. Gone are the days of chugging coffee on the way to a 10 am seminar while skimming a Walter Benjamin reading to find something smart to say in class. Life used to revolve around the 150+ pieces of art that you had to memorize for your midterm, but now it’s time for a reality check. Welcome to the real art world my friend, and there is plenty of stuff that your professor didn’t lecture about. These are some things you MUST know about the art world.

  1. Museums and academia are NOT the only jobs in art. That’s right, you don’t have to wear a stodgy, stiff blazer to work every day. From magazines and cool tech startups (hello, Artbinder!!) to art PR firms and online art marketplaces, the options are endless. Which leads us to our next piece of advice… 
    art world museum

  3. Intern intern intern. If there’s something in the art world you’re interested in, there’s probably an internship for it. The art scene may seem intimidating at first, but interning means getting your foot in the door and making those necessary connections. Network your butt off.
    art world networking

  5. Microsoft Excel is your best friend. I guarantee that every job listing will say “Proficiency in Excel is a plus” and ya better be more than proficient. Worship Excel’s graceful lines and boxes like a Mondrian hanging in the world computer

  7. Know what a D-ring hanger is. You’ve stared at art on your flashcards, but do you know how to hang that piece up on wall? Didn’t think so. This is a helpful guide if you’re world frame

  9. Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Instagram is an especially helpful visual tool for promoting the newest gallery opening or must-see exhibit. (Check out our fave account recommendations here: How To Keep Up With Contemporary Art.)art world social media

  11. Know the art world VIPs. Memorizing and matching names to faces isn’t just a Devil Wears Prada task. Once you know David Zwirner from Iwan Wirth and Marian Goodman from Sadie Coles, you’re a world reading

  13. Memorizing the exact date and provenance of that piece of art doesn’t actually matter. But you probably already knew world you got it

    Let’s be real– you can only learn so much from your lectures and textbooks at school. When it comes to actually getting your hands dirty in the art world, ArtBinder has got your back.


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